Autumn in Michigan

Two people taking a selfie in front of the AuSable river, located at the lumberman's monument
Lumberman's Monument | Photo Courtesy of Pure Michigan

While most people consider fall the season of winding down- up here in Mio, nature is just waking up to its newest era of excitement. Michigan has some of the best fall weather, sights, and activities, with mild days and brisk nights full of things to do and spectacular views. Many people visit the northern Michigan area with renewed vigor to see these seasonal delights, and to capture a last glimpse before winter. With a variety of things to do, from autumn color views, a renewed trout season, hunting, and seasonal cider mills and attractions, there are plenty of things to do before the snowpack sets in!

One of the most popular seasonal activities- besides hunting- is fall color touring. Up here in Mio, the areas of the Huron-Manistee Forest around us are considered some of the best places to go hiking, trail riding, and driving to capture breathtaking views and pictures of the bright fall colors. With thousands of acres of forest to explore, there is no shortage of colorful landscape! Additionally, locations that are beautiful and scenic during spring and summer- such as trips down the AuSable river- are even more lovely as splashes of orange, red, yellow, and green line the riverbanks and present themselves in picturesque. If you have taken a trip in Michigan to view a scenic sight during summer – consider taking that trip again during fall to understand the full beauty that Michigan has to offer!

Another highlight of fall is a renewed vigor for trout fishing here on the AuSable. Although all portions of the river close to possession Sept. 30th and some portions close seasonally for fishing, many upper portions of the river remain open year-round to artificial lures and flies, unlike many locations in Michigan. Some anglers consider this season just as comparable to spring fishing, with fewer people floating on kayaks and tubes down the river from Mio Dam to McKinley, fishing becomes easier to navigate and enjoy. With the cooler water temperatures bringing fish back out of deeper water, we suggest trying out streamers in yellows and whites to get these bigger trout moving.

Autumn brings the opener for hunting season- whether you hunt fall turkey, black bear, whitetail, waterfowl, or one of the many other game seasons that open during fall- we know you have been waiting all year for the seasons to change! The biggest season in Northern Michigan during fall is whitetail season, whether you are here during early fall for bow season or here as the season begins to change over to winter for rifle season- many people flock to the area to land themselves a trophy buck. Even if you are not interested in bagging yourself a twelve-point monster, many people visit the area to get their tags and fill their freezers with delicious venison for the next year. Some of the best fun can be had spending a whitetail season practicing the tradition of Michigan deer camping, sharing stories and time around the fire with friends while trying to shoot the biggest buck.

Along with these seasonal activities, many towns and counties have local attractions such as apple and pumpkin picking, cider mills, and fall festivals that we recommend you visit when touring through Michigan! We know that there is no shortage of things to do during autumn here, and although the sunny weather and 80 degree days are gone, the outdoor fun never stops and we hope that you can plan your next fall weather trip to Northern Michigan!