The Spring Thing

       Here in Michigan we take our trout fishing pretty seriously and a handful of us think we have it all figured out... we don't. Weather and water temperatures change the game on us regularly and once you add in a fish that does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants; a fish that has never read one of the millions of books by experts that tell us "how it's done"- it's a game that we all love and hate to play. Trout fishing is as much of a part of Michigan as Vernors and shorts on a 40 degree day are. Trout Unlimited was started just a few miles upstream from the Fly Shop here are ARO, and many of the flies that we love dearly, such as the Adams, were created here also.

     Where do we go from here? Temperatures (Water, Air, and Soil) have been climbing fast. On a few occasions we have seen Hendricksons, but in my boat I haven't seen many fish looking up. The days are heating up and this really should change things for us. Michigan emergence schedules show us what's on the horizon- Hendricksons now then Mahoganies, Sulphurs, Drakes, Isonychia, Hexagenia and White Flies- and this can change with the weather. 
     So what I'm saying is be patient now, we have a ton of bugs on the way and time is on our side. Plan those days and nights in the boat with your buddies. A cold beer and a comfy seat along the river or in the boat waiting for bugs is one hell of a way to spend an evening. Be kind and respectful of fellow anglers and those who may not have the years under their belts. When you're able, offer advice and a hello to them. Many friendships of mine have been forged on a river with small talk. 
Most importantly, have fun and take in all that is around and before you. 
Ausable River Outfitters Fly Shop Manager - Jeff