What's New at ARO?

As we moved from the small building on M-33 to our new building on Sixth Street, we've made a lot of changes from our small storefront to our new 22 thousand sq. ft. building! With such a big change, you might not have noticed some of the smaller features that we have added to the store. In this blog post, we are going to highlight some of the unique installations that we've added in, and our newest addition to the ARO family.

Before you enter the building, we hope that the outside impresses you just as much as the inside! We took careful time designing a rustic rough-sawn wood log look with accents of rusted steel to capture the history of the Mio logging industry. We have kept this theme throughout the design of the building and have made sure that the inside is just as stunning- and to leave a good first impression, when you enter the building you will be greeted by our beautiful, wood-framed water wall! This feature is a hand-crafted installation that was custom made for our new building. 

You might also have noticed the wonderful hand-tooled leather seats in the wooden canoe that sits on display in the store! This vintage canoe was originally painted white and has been restored by us back to its wood grain glory and the seats were also custom made for display in our new storefront. It is a real work of art and took [timeframe] to finish, with careful attention paid to make sure the old colors of the canoe were preserved. We find it absolutely stunning and are proud to have it on display in our building. There is another beautiful canoe hidden somewhere in the store- in a place you might not expect! We encourage you to take a look around and see if you can spot it.

One very new, and exciting feature that we are proud to announce is the opening of our new restaurant, The Rusty Pine! We have also built a new website for our restaurant to keep you in the know on the menu, prices, and special events! We know that you will enjoy the wonderful, made 100% from scratch food that we have to offer you and can't wait to see you there!

The last feature we want to highlight today (but certainly not the only thing left to find in the store- we challenge you to come in and find what else we've hidden!) is the beautiful façade in the fly fishing area- complete with a hearth and an authentic fishing creel! This area of the store really stands out from the rest- a slice of an old school fishing shop right in the middle of our store, with beautiful fishing reel displays and absolutely everything you need for the perfect fly fishing experience.

We hope that you can make it in to see these changes and additions for yourself- they're amazing and definitely make AuSable River Outfitters a place to stop on your journey through the AuSable Valley. And if you have been in but haven't noticed some of these new additions- maybe you should stop by again to take a better look- who knows what else you might have missed!